Solong Rotary Tattoo Pen Kit Cartridge Needles EN05-20KIT-A Power Supply 7 Color Ink EK130-1

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1. One tattoo pen (EM130-1)
2. One black mini aluminum alloy digital display power supply (P192-1, marking according to        country configuration)
3. Green foot pedal (P220)
4. 20 integrated needles EN05-20KIT-A (en05 mixed needles (20) 1203RL 1209RM)
5. Stigma tattoo material 5ml 7 colors TI4002-5-7
6. Small practice leather thickened TA523
7. 5 sheets of ordinary domestic transfer paper
8. The new color cup with base 30 large, medium and small SLB-30MIX
9. 2 large gloves / pair (set) TA615
10. Color mixer 1 JBQ-001

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