CNC FAULHABER Motor Red Snake Tattoo Pen Rotary Tattoo Machine CNC-MG2-T4

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Rotary machine designed for Shading.


We have configured a 36mm PRO handle girp for you.

CNC the first  Rotary machine designed for Shading.
we can call him " Red Snake"

Red snake configure one special Motor ,i want him to be more like a powerful coil machine that can be used as OLD SCHOOL.this motor made by German faulhaber.

Red snake start voltage need 12V, operation voltage: 8-18V.
Its speed at 12V is lower than that at 6V. It has the same speed at 18V as at 9V. You can't use the traditional Rotary speed concept to measure red snakes. You can use the concept of adjusting coil machine to look at red snakes. Use voltage to control the force and frequency of the red snake.

This is the magic of the FAULHABER Motor. And his power is only 1W, which means that the machine will not heat up within 20V, which will ensure that he can use it continuously for a long time. This is what we bring to you this red Sanke pro shading machine. We have configured a 36mm PRO handle girp for you.

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