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Tattoo Needle Supply for Professional Artists

Solong Tattoo is a manufacturer offering wholesale of tattoo needles, cartridges, and other tattoo supplies. At our store, you can order high-quality tattoo needles of different types and sizes. They are available in assorted (50-2000 pieces) and one-type sets.

Things to Know About Tattoo Needles

If you wish to get into tattooing art, it’s important to understand the types of tattoo needles. Nowadays, there are more than 100 types of needles available. However, it’s not difficult to learn the difference between all of them as they boil down to a few main types, just in different quantities, sizes, and groupings.

Professional tattoo needles are usually identified with special codes. For instance, 1205-RL code means # 12 standard 5-round liner needle. Thus, the code is the needle description. Each piece of the code gives some information about the needle such as its diameter, count, and grouping format. A diameter affects ink flow. The narrower it is, the finer the stream of ink flows out of it. Needle count and grouping formats vary. They determine the width of lines and a style/type of drawing,

Main Needle Types

Before you buy tattoo needles, think of the type of tattoos you wish to create as every needle has its own purpose. Tattoo artists divide needles into two main groups: liners and shaders. Liners are perfect for creating fine lines and detailed work. Shaders fill in large areas. They come with several needles grouped together and shaped in the form of a pentagon. Flats and mags are bigger, and they are great for covering large areas of the skin.

How to Determine the Right Type of Needles for Your Tattoo

Before creating a tattoo, it’s important to visualize it first. Think about the outlines, colors, thickness, boldness, and shading. It will help you to determine what type of needles you need to choose.

Round liners are suitable for creating small and detailed tattoos. Thick lines, shading, and larger canvas designs require more round needles.

Mags are perfect for working with color. They are a goto option whenever a lot of shading work needs to be done. These needles deliver a lot of ink and cover large areas with color. Curved mags are used for portraits and highly-detailed work.

Flat shaders create unique blending marks. With flat needles, it’s easy to draw clear, dark lines with just one stroke.

At Solong Tattoo, we have all kinds of tattoo needles for sale. To have the variety of options close at hand, buy our sets of assorted needles. Along with needles, you can purchase needle cartridges for Cheyenne Hawk machines.

For more information, feel free to contact us. We are ready to answer all your questions and discuss various discount options for you.

Buy also other tattoo supplies at our store and start creating tattoo masterpieces.

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