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Buy High-Quality Tattoo Kits from Solong

Why choose costly components when you can easily buy tattoo kits at wholesale prices? This way, you can get all necessary supplies and parts in one go. You will be able to pick everything you need without having to waste your time or money.

Why Do We Offer the Best Tattoo Kits?

If you want to buy a bulk order, you should count on us to provide you with all must-haves for tattooists. For one thing, we make purchase procedures so simple for you to buy our tattoo kits online with just a click of a button. Also, just look at the choice that we have for you. Our packages include:
  • Tattoo machines.
  • Tattoo needles.
  • Tattoo inks.
  • Tattoo power supply.
  • Tattoo grips.
  • Tattoo tips.
  • Tattoo clip cord.
  • Tattoo foot pedal.

Choose Us – Save Your Money

Just by looking at all that we offer in our kits, you may be thinking that such a supply is going to cost you a small fortune. Well, think again! Our cheap tattoo kits are composed of high-quality supplies, but they are still affordable to any artist. In fact, you can buy a bulk order and be surprised how much money you are saving.

Besides, not only do we offer multiple shipping options to stores and retailers all around the world, but we also have excellent shipping prices. If your total order for tattoo gun kits exceeds 200kg, there is absolutely no charge for shipping at all! You really will be hard pressed to find a manufacturer or supplier that is better for you than Solong Tattoo.

We have seven years of experience in providing both beginner and professional tattoo artists with some of the best merchandise available on the market. With our promise of quality and affordability, we know that you will become a repeat customer.

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