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Tattoo Ink Supplies

Professional artists at parlors are supposed to have a myriad of ink choices at hand to create a sophisticated piece of art on a customer’s body. The Solong store comes up with an extensive range of tattoo ink sets of various color gamut. When people take the plunge to get covered in tattoos, they often believe in the hidden and symbolic meaning the pictures carry. That is why a tattooer’s expertise and up-to-date equipment are of paramount importance to produce a real masterpiece. Keep in mind that the more delicate shades of tattoo inks you can create, the more realistic picture your customer is going to enjoy.

Things to Consider When Buying Tattoo Ink:

  • Color vibrancy and durability. To ensure the desired tattoo effect for an extended period, artists should use products from well-known manufacturers. Following the highest quality standards during the production of professional tattoo ink is a cornerstone of never-fading and permanent tattoo.
  • Reputation. Avoid unsavory companies which use harmful materials. Some toxic ingredients such as heavy metals and glycerin can cause allergies, skin irritations, and other health issues. This is the image that serves as a reliable indicator of the high-quality tattoo equipment and inks, in particular. At the Solong store, you can opt for cheap tattoo inks from industry-leading manufacturers as well as our own ones.
  • Composition. Another thought-provoking issue is whether animal-derived ingredients are included in the product. It is recommended to use alcohol- or water-based inks with organic and vegan-friendly pigments only. Natural components ensure the safety of tattooing experience. Moreover, such pigments can be quickly soluble in water.
  • Price. The cost of supplies matters to all tattoo parlors. That is why Solong offers Intenze, Eternal, Fusion, Kuro Sumi, and much more tattoo ink sets at wholesale prices. Here you can get enormous volumes of goods while saving money.

Wider Color Options – Better Picture

Pre-made inks can be mixed and thinned to provide a customer with brighter and more distinct tattoo while maximizing its longevity. Although the most common color in the tattooing art is black, Solong offers more shades of tattoo inks for sale to add a personal touch to the picture. Our kits consist of extremely unusual configurations in dozens of vibrant colors. The ink sets in the Solong store are a tremendous boon to consummate artists. While increasing skin permeability, our products enable tattooers to blend several colors and bring all their imagination along with creativity to life. With the help of our inks, you can create the most refined tattoos which you will be proud of.

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